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The Washington Capitals are (in my opinion, of course) the greatest team in MFHL history. At this time, we're new and haven't gotten what we want off the ground yet. It will improve, I promise.

Who we are...

The Washington Capitals of the MFHL play in a new arena called the Amoco Arena in a suburban Washington city called Fairfax, VA, which is a chain of gas stations. The team is owned and general managed by Douglas Kerr. Sounds like an M.L. Carr partnership except we aren't coaching the team. Our head coach is Butch Goring of Islanders fame. Well, to be honest, I am an Islander fan who lives on Long Island. Our star players are Mikael Renberg, Jason Dawe, Rod Brind'Amour, Martin Brodeur, Derian Hatcher and an assortment of others. We are in the Hart Division with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Florida Panthers, Atlanta Vipers and Tampa Bay Lightning and expect a close battle all the way to the end.

Caps News (from 10/01/96)


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