This is where listings of leagues looking for GMs will be located...

The Philadelphia Modem Hockey League is now taking new applicants. The League is open to anyone who owns EA Sports NHL 98 for the PC and lives in the 215 or 610 area code. If you think you are interested, Email me at or check out the web site at

The Cam Am Internet Hockey League is looking for commited GM's. If you are interested please mail me at I use Faceoff to sim the league

Brian Isenor (Commish of the CAIHL)

The Northern Lights Hockey Association is currently taking applications for new owners. The league is planning to expand by 2 teams and currently has 1 vacancy. The league needs COMMITTED owners as it is a complex league ran on APBA and salaries, contracts, minor league etc all added. We still have over half of the original owners from our start 3 seasons ago and we are committed and want committments from our owners. We prefer our owners to have APBA and we also ask that the owners have either IRC or ICQ access. The commissioner is Mark Wendling please contact him at but please check the page out first as it is a time committment.

Thanks alot

Mark Wendling
Northern Lights Hockey Association (NLHA)
Owner - Kitchener Krusaders
Defending Aurora Cup Champions

The International Hockey Association has opening now for GM's. We have 22 teams, play 62 games using APBA ver3, and have been around for 22 years. We are currently working on putting up a web page. Any interested parties should contact ASAP

We are a sim league that uses APBA to play its home games. We have salary, contracts, Junior rangs, and bank book. The league is Free.

For more info
or email

Fantasy Hockey League
Using NHL EA series for Simulations
Home Page:
Commissioner: Lenny Bosh

Only dedicated, serious inquiries should be submitted. We are very organized and fun. We run two seasons for every NHL season. Prefer individuals who like to spend time online with hockey and fantasy hockey in mind. Head to the home page for an application.

The 1 Hit Wonder Hockey League is a rotisserie style hockey pool with continuos ownership. We currently have 7 teams lookign to expand to 10-12 for teh 1998/99 season. The league is based in Toronto and has a face to face auction style draft.

Inquiries to Ed Hebscher

New HLS2 League looking for 8-16 GMs. Requirements found on web site apllication page. Visit the web page for rules and more information. Web Page-

The league is called the SHL. It is in it's 6th season. There is a Junior League, Farm League and a new rival league. There is also a finacial system and a Nations Cup every 2 seasons. PROBABLY THE BEST ON THE NET.

Email the Commish at:

The league is looking to expand soon, so get your name in now! Also, looking to expand the finacial system to be BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON THE NET.

Uses real player names with madeup ratings (due to HLS2 Rerates). The only league with a future plan and a historical alamanac. The league which is always looking to be the best.

Jeff Luccock, SHL GM

The North American Simulated Hockey League is currently looking for GM's to get involved with the Inaugural season. Interested candidates should contact Shawn at
The NASHL is looking to commence after x-mas. The web site will be up shortly.

The NIHA is a free sim-league using NHL '98 currently in development. we will not begin the draft until we award the last franchise. as of DEC 4 '97 we have 13 spots left. check us out online:


Nick LoRusso

Chris Tobin

The JLHL is looking for players. We use the NHL EA sports games to simulate. We have several teams already but are still looking for many more. anyone interested please email the president at> or check out our web page at

Thank You

I am a first time commish but strive to succed. I am using a nhl97 based simulator and am looking for 4 more gm's and an assistant commisioner.

Please email me
or visit the web page at

The Simulated Hockey Business League , Are looking for people to join. We are in need of anyone that wants to do something with the business side of sports. This include owners, trainers, agents, editors, ect ect. If we dont have the job you want ask us, and we will do our best to make it for you. The league uses hls2 to play the games but the key of the league is the business side, so be preapred for very little control of your on ice team. If this league sounds like something you want, then send me some mail at

The National Strat-O-Matic Hockey League [NSHL] is always looking for reliable Strat-O-Matic Hockey players. The NSHL seeks to simulate the action and excitment of the NHL through an annual 82 game season and playoffs as well as off-season activities.

The NSHL's committment will require 2-4 hours of your time per week, and responsibilty and respect among owners is a prime requirement.

If you are interested, please visit the site below for more information:

Thank you.

Richard Farley
Commissioner, NSHL
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