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The New York Islanders are obviously the best team in the AAHL. With such players as Jeremy Roenick, Alexander Mogilny, Martin Brodeur, Oleg Tverdovsky and Marty McInnis, they'll beat you in more ways as humanly possible. We were known as the New Jersey Devils last season and got a 55-26-9 record. We were ousted in the 3rd round by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Meet the Team...
Brad Brown
Alexei Morozov

Entry Draft Choices
025th overall: Alexei Morozov, RW
055th overall: Traded to Vancouver
085th overall: Ben Clymer, D
115th overall: Traded to Detroit
145th overall: Joe Seroski, C
175th overall: Francis Larivee, G

Traded Gilchrist to Montreal for York
Traded Clymer to NY Rangers for Rychel
Traded Bertuzzi/Corbet to Ottawa for Chorske/Crowe/Van Allen

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