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Reports are due every Monday morning!!! They must be in to me by 4 New York am time Monday morning. If you can't send one in let me know. But if I don't hear from you and I don't get a report your gm posistion will be looked over. Depending on how much you participate, and other info I look at. Thanks.

Article for the Vipers

Vipers snap 3 game winless streak with the 7-3 thrashing of Senators. John Blue has filled in exceptionally recently. Star of the Game, Jeff Shantz with 2 goals and 1 assist. The down side to this game was JJ Daignaults 2nd 15 minute in penalties which qualifies him for a second suspension. The Vipers are 3rd in the league in Powerplay, but their penalty killing has dropped to 14. They are now averaging 30.7 minutes in penalties per game, A far cry from the 33.7 they were averaging during their 6 game win streak. Trade rumors about, with Free Agent Jim Campell being the center of attetion. When asked, GM Paulin was quoted as saying, " Jim is an excellent young player. the fact that he is a free agent really has no bearing, except when you look at the fact that Rob DiMiao and Drew Bannister are also Free Agents. It is going to be hard to keep all three of them. We are taking offers for DiMiao and Campbell, but Bannister isn't going anywhere.

This past week was a big test for the Boston Bruins, who were badly struggling with 3 wins in their last 14 games, since they were playing two teams they should beat^ and they've done it! Gee, it's been a while since the Bruins had a perfect week.

On game day #42, as LW Shjon Podein came back after beeing injured to a knee for 10 games, the Bruins took over the Atlanta Vipers 4-2. In the win, Podein scored a goal, while Theo Fleury earned 3 assists. Leader Jozef Stumpel and Gary Suter both got 1 goal and 1 assist. Olaf Kolzig was solid again, with 24 saves. But just when the Bruins were finally having all their best leftwingers altogether, David Sacco got a serious commotion and will be out for the next 10 games. This is an important loss for the Bruins, since Sacco was playing very well for a while now.

The Anaheim Ducks were the next Bruins opponents and this, for the next two games in a back-to-back series. The Bruins won a tight 4-3 game. After leading 3-0, the Bruins allowed the Ducks to come back in the game and tie it 3-3. The winning goal was scored early in the third by Bill Lindsay. Theo Fleury, who's has gotten a total of 13 points in his last 14 games (while he had only 14 points in his first 29 games), scored once. Kolzig made 28 saves in the win. Another sad incident happened in this game, this time to assistant captain Sylvain Cote, who got seriously injured to a shoulder : he will miss the next 12 games! Ouch!

Finally, on game day #44 (the Bruins didn't play on game day #45), the Bruins went across the country to face the Ducks at Orr Center and still managed to get a 3-2 win. Shjon Podein scored another goal, while the game winner is the work of Curtis Brown. To win this, the Bruins had to score twice in less than 29 seconds in the third period. Kolzig, who is playing marvelously, made 26 saves. In this game, Chris Pronger earned himself a spot on the first line, replacing injured Cote, while Karl Dykhuis rejoins with Jason York on the second line and Cam Russell is back in the line-up on the third line.

" Those two injuries this week will certainly weaken our team ", admitted head coach Pat Burns, in a recent interview, " but we just can't give up now. This will give a chance to players like Bill Lindsay on the leftwing, and Chris Pronger on defence, to prove themselves. Meanwhile, we see players like Theo Fleury and Gary Suter playing better hockey. You can tell that Theo is happy to be playing with Podein again. "

" Boy, it feels good to be contributing a lot more offensively. And with Shjon on our line, me and Jozef feel we can move a lot more freely. A grinder like Shjon to get the puck in the corners sure helps us ", commented a happy Fleury, on Saturday afternoon.

Now, the big question is which Bruins players will be of the All-star tournament? Well, after 18 teams had voted, it looked like center and team captain Jozef Stumpel, D-men Gary Suter and Sylvain Cote, and goalie Olaf Kolzig will be voted in. Unfortunatly, Cote won't be able to play with his shoulder injury and will put this time out to good use and get some much needed rest.

After the All-star break, the Bruins will be playing the Calgary Flames, the Detroit Red Wings and the San Jose Sharks.

Well not too much happening this week in the Sabres organization. Few words to say is that, we have just beaten the best team in the league, the New York Rangers! We beat them 5-3. This shows the team getting good offense and great goaltending. This is a big step for our team, and may be a sign of what to look for in the near future. The next game is against the Avalanche, and all i can say is Vinnie your going down!!!!

Calgary, A.B.

As winter fast approaches and the weather is becoming cold, so too are the Flames. Vernon has had a few good games, and Jimmy Waite has had a shutout; but the defense quite simply isn't getting the job done.

After having the Coyotes by the short and curlies at the end of the 2nd period in game 45, the Flames once again let a good start go to waste.

"We just don't seem to be able to finish teams off," said the captain, Travis Green. "We've got some offensive punch, and now that we've diversified our lines, we've got a chance to be more consistent. We just have to hope that we can turn things around in the second half, and play better defensive hockey."

The Carolina Hurricanes made many, many deals these days to pull their team within striking distance of getting it all in the future; they received players like Sergei Berezin, Jamie Pushor, Tommy Salo, Stan Neckar, Andreas Johansson, Martin Straka and some picks along the way. The Canes believe the keys are Berezin, Neckar, Johansson and Straka, as well as the top-10 pick the Islanders gave up. "A lot of people think Johansson and Straka weren't worth the get, but we were weak at the left side, with Juhlin and Roy playing it wasn't exactly a dream team. Andreas is playing in the NHL with Jaromir Jagr and Ron Francis, and has 9 points in 12 games right now. That's excellent work from him, he's a great two-way player with immense potential." said Clarke, GM of the Canes. "I really wanted to target the NHL Penguins- Straka, Ferraro, Johansson, Werenka, because I watch them often and I see what is going on, and I was impressed with these fellows. I especially love the depth I gained at the blueline, losing Houlder and Richter wasn't easy but as long as we got younger, it was all the better. Barry Richter is a lifetime IHLer, although he's been playing well in the MFHL." "Now, we can boast two solid future lines- Jeff O'Neill, Danius Zubrus and Radek Dvorak; then Daymond Langkow, Marty Straka, Sergei Berezin. We leave room for a third line that includes future stars in Scott Pellerin, Andreas, and Ian Laperriere; we would still want to improve, but we know these three have great potential. And defense? Well, we have 5 solid d-men, what more can you want; there's Pushor, Smith and Sykora who are rough guys, then there's Werenka and Neckar who can move the puck up ice quite well. Our sixth man, Steve Poapst, he hasn't proven himself yet, but he'll get his days, believe me. Goaltending is average with us, we need to improve that and the right wing side. There's still lots of improvements ahead for us, we aren't done yet." Well, the Canes have broken the MFHL record for a losing streak- 14 games, and looks like they almost have the 1st overall draftpick locked up. Clarke mentioned, "Well, we're not looking for anyone specific yet since we don't have a guarantee, but you can bet Vinnie Prospal, Joe Thornton, Pat Marleau, Sergei Samsonov.. those guys are up on the list. It can only get better, folks.." The team's captain, Jeff O'Neill, commented, "I'm a keeper on this team now. There's no way I'm budging. I don't care how good we are now. We'll be the best some day." The other two captains now are young checker Daymond Langkow and Jamie Pushor, the blueline anchor. Pushor said, "I like what we see, and who can beat having 13 picks in the draft? We get 13 more quality players on the team."

No moves this week for the hawks. Big news has been the Hawks current 3 game winning streak. The team is starting to gel now, after a series of moves. Hebert is playing very strong in net and trying to creep back into the top goaltending lists. Sanderson has been scoring quite steadly along with the players that have been producing pretty well the whole year, Wesley, Graves, and Linden. Still waiting for Heinze to break out of his year long slump. He's playing defense for us at least. Plante has started warming up since he was traded from buffalo. His line of Him Buchberger, adn Reid have been scoring at least once a game pretty steadly. Well, thats all from Chicago.

Believe it or not! The Avs are winless in 4 games. They have suffered 3 losses in a row to the HOT Kings and tied to the Stars in their last game before the All-Star game. The finger in Denver is pointed directly to Vinnie and his trade which landed Al MacInnis; another defenseman. Why another defenseman? "At first, my intention was to try and get another LW, but it did not happen. Anaheim, though, gave me good value in return for a Free Agent. Mind you, I'll be putting a cool 5 million on Valeri Kamensky this summer. If I get him back, I'll still have Al. Yes, it hurts us in the short term but the trade will pay off later." explained Vinnie.

The problem now is that if the Sharks face the Avs in the playoffs, Kamensky can get revenge and revenge BIG time on his former team, "Nah, Valeri was never a threat to our aggressive d-man. It showed during practise, he was very timid. He plays well against teams with weak defense. Come playoff time, players like Valeri are worthless. Trust me." said Vinnie. Well, I hope he is right because the whole city will turn their back on Vinnie if he is wrong and time will tell.

A fairly positive week for the Stars. What made the stars the happiest, besides remaining in first place, is the way the team played the Av's this past week. In a hard fought game the stars ended up taking the game to a draw with the powerful Colorado team. Also the Stars had several key players get votes for the up coming all-star games. The lead vote getters are D Weinrich and Olausson, G Fiset and LW Kristich. Lastly The Stars made a minor trade sending C Whitney to the Habs for D MacIver, and Rumor has it the one of Trebil or Timmander might be moved soon.

The Oilers had a horrible week approaching the all-star break, in losing both games played. Many transactions are in the works in a desperate playoff run. Many good offers have been thrown at the Oilers in which Calle Johansson, Jan Caloun, Tim Taylor, Dean McAmmond, and Rob Neidermayer have been the focus around. Andrew Cassels and Jason Arnott could go, but it would have to be for some good C in return. Hopefully everyone gets a good rest during this break, and best of luck to the divisional teams in the tourny. GO PEARSON!!!!

Well the panthers are still in a slump heading into the all-star break, and we are confident that the break will help heal all the little injuries so we can return to form. I am really pleased that my team will be well represented in the all-star break after jsut having on the team last year. Guys like federov, alfredsson, mogilny, lumme, and foote are looking to make the team. But two guys that have really been overlooked are my two third liners of hudson and lingren. Lindgren is a rookie which has 17 goals, 13 assists for 30 points and is a phenomonal +34. Hudson has 15 goals and 27 assists for 42 points and is a +14. these are numbers you would expect from 1st or second liners, not a bunch of mid 60's players playing on the 3rd line. Anyways that is it for this week from the panthers head office.

*one of hatcher, lumme, and therien is on the block right now.

brennon deschner


besides that, so everybody better learn to respect the WINGS since they have the 2nd BEST record in the WEST!! LETS GO WINGS!!

Well there are 2 bigs news breaks this week in Hamilton. First off, the Grizzlies snapped a 9 game losing streak by beating Toronto 4-1! Jere Lehtinen had 2 goals in a great team effort. The Grizzlies schedule is a hard one, coming off 3 games against Toronto (1-2-0) and now going up against the Red Wings in our next game.

The other news is of a trade with Montreal. Hamilton sent backup goalie Jim Carey and young defenseman Kyle McLaren, in exhange for defenseman Drake Berehowsky, prospect goalie Jose Theodore, and Calgary's 2nd round pick. Berehowsky fills our need for a good passing defenseman and we feel Theodore is a better prospect than Carey. And we make up for the youth lost in McLaren with Calgary's 2nd round pick, which should be very high.

Well that's it from Hamilton! Good luck to all teams in the upcoming All-Star game!

At the all-star break, the MFHL Kings stand at second place in the Smythe Division, 10 points out of first with two games in hand on the Colorado Avalanche, meaning a possible gap of 6 points if we keep on playing the way we are to make up the games in hand.

The reason for the gap shortening? Our recent dominance of the Avs of course. 4-1 in 5 recent games including three straight wins. In those three straight wins were a 2-0 shutout and an 8-3 blowout. Jeff Hackett was brialliant in those three games, which is the reason he was given goaltender of the week honors.

A recent minor trade was completed with the Montreal Canadians this week. Unused and oft-injured Pat Peake was sent packing in exchange for offensive blueliner in the making John Slaney. Slaney has also had an injury plagued NHL career but is off to a good start this year and could be on his way to a good year. He is expected to make an impact next year with the MFHL Kings.

We wish the best of luck to our players who have been elected to the all-star game, and let the games begin!
Adam, MFHL Kings

Montreal has been busy this past week shoring up its defense by aquiring Housley and possibly McLaren and also picking up three promising prospects in Peake, Whitney, and Dube. Rumor also has it that Jim Carey may be coming to Montreal as well but this is not confirmed yet. The Habs are happy with the aquisition of Housley most of all since he will give the Canadiens the quarterback they have been lacking for most of the season. Captain Damphousse was quoted as saying,"I am glad that mnagement has taken steps to better the team for the playoffs and with Housley quarterbacking our powerplay it will definitely get a boost. We also got some young guys that will contribute now but also will be a big part of this team in the future." The Habs have not yet stopped they are still looking to ugrade the goaltending. So for you GM's with the good goaltenders you may be hereing from the hab's GM shortly. Montreal sees its rival the leafs very close behind so the habs just had to make a few moves to ensure that Toronto stays behind them.

Well the Ny Islander Pulled A Block Buster Deal The Other Day aquiring Top Power Forward Keith Primeau, #1 Rick Tabaracci, key Defeneseman Bill Houlder and 2 other players. The Islanders Are evry pleased with the transaction which hopes to help the Isles Get out of the MFHL Cellar. The Isles are looking still for possible transactions to be for either picks, other players etc So any gm's interested drop me a line at

The Rangers have played up to their abilty all year with the exception of the Nedved letdown. "I thought he would be much more productive" Other then that the NYR are the #1 team to beat but will have to play amazingly well to hold off div rival Philly. Playoffs are gunna be tough once again but Im very confident we could go all the way.

Ottawa is in a real slump and injury doesn't help at all!!! We've been out of a regular guys for about 15 games now, once Redden and now Daigle... Rumours are flying around Ottawa these days that GM Yves Allaire is seriously considering Alexei Yashin... Look for some development in this area later on.

It's the all-star break and a break Ottawa need... Their schedule should a little bit easier, since they've been facing mostly team within the same divisions. Hopefully everything will settle down. Until next time have a nice one.

The Flyers had a rough week in the MFHL. Losing 2 games and tieing another one. Not good at all for a team with Lindros & company. Look for a big gun to be moved if this slide continues. Preparations for the All-Star break are in full swing and we hope the Flyers will be well represented in the series.

Phoenix -- What a week for Phoenix, losing one, and winning two. Impressed with the voting, both Khal and Thachuk playing in the all-star. Still looking to deal though. Rumors have it from the press that Phoenix is trying to acquire Fluery. Also, thanks go out to the bruiser for his mention of the Coyotes, and various players in last week's column. Thanks again Bruiser. Also, I'm looking at packaging Wregget and Zelepukin for a higher rated RW, and an average goalie. Anyone interested, let me know. Well, that's it from Phoenix. short and sweet, they way it should be!

It's been a VERY wild week for the Sharks. The news was good all around, as the team's been on a roll on the ice, successful at the All-Star ballot box, and active as usual in the trade market. Now, going into the All-Star break, it looks like the Sharks are ready to explode on the MFHL in the second half of the season.
The news on the ice was nothing but positive this week. A tie against the Canucks was the only blemish, as the Sharks now have a 6-game unbeaten streak and have wrested third place in the Smythe away from the Pirates. Ray Bourque, Phillipe Boucher, and the newly-acquired Valeri Kamensky have been terrific offensively, while Eric Fichaud has been solid in net. On the All-Star front, Kamensky, Bourque, Doug Gilmour, Dave Andreychuk and Donald Audette are all expected to represent the Smythe in the All-Star series, with an outside chance for Chris Gratton to make it. That's a very pleasant turnaround from last season, when only one player (Al MacInnis) made it from the Sharks. Disappointing, however, are the probable absences of Gratton and Boucher, who are certainly both deserving of sptos on the Smythe's roster. San Jose submitted a bid to the league and hopes to host one of the games in the series to bring even more of the MFHL's best to the Sharkbite Center.
It was off the ice, however, that the Sharks made most of their news this week. Almost everybody who wasn't on the team's top two lines was dealt away, with three key players coming to San Jose: Kamensky, Dino Ciccarelli, and superstar defenseman Darryl Sydor. Kamensky will team with Gilmour and Audette on a lethal first line, Ciccarelli brings his 7 shot to a beefed-up second line with Andreychuk and Gratton, and Sydor will team up with Bourque to form the best defense pairing in the West. The second defensive unit of Boris Mironov (once he's healthy) and Boucher should be another terrific powerplay combination. On the third line, Brian Bellows finally gets some playing time, Dallas Drake brings his 6 shot up from the minors and Martin Gendron will continue to show the improvement he achieved earlier this season. Zarley Zalapski and Dave Ellett round out the defense. The team's reserve strength isn't what it used to be, but Joe Dziedzic, Anatoli Semenov and new addition Andrei Nazarov are capable of contributing as reserves.
In summary, San Jose's shown its commitment to putting together a championship team with its trading this week, and should be right up there with the Avs and Kings at the top of the Smythe by the end of the season. The Sharks smell blood out there, and it's time to put the jaws to the rest of the league.

The Leafs are HOT! They are 9-1-0 in their last 10. Most of the credit is directed to team chemistry. Our LW's still haven' contributed as expected, but the biggest surprise is between the pipers; Billington. Some would disagree, but Craig (usually a solid back-up) has sparked the Leafs, who are now threatening the Canadiens in top spot in the Adams division. The Leafs are deep on right wing and have not suffered much with the loss of injured Joe Murphy, instead they have played better? Strange, but true.

The All-Star break is officially on......let the games begin!

After falling down, the Capitals are coming back! After being on a losing track for a few games, they have managed to rack up a few times to get to tied for 2nd at the All-Star break, where Capitals should be well-represented. In order to not fall back down again, the Capitals have traded Bryan Marchment to Buffalo and Andreas Johansson to Carolina for Doug Bodger, Barry Richter and Garry Valk, all of whom should benefit under Coach Goring's Run-and Shoot Defense and West Coast Offense. Although the Capitals bid to be a host site for the All-Star Tournament, the Capitals will be playing between 3-5 home games (at around Game 60) in distant cities with no MFHL franchise because of a flight attendant's convention. Minneapolis-St.Paul, Hartford, Winnipeg, Quebec and Cleveland are expected to be the game sites. That's the news from Washington.

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